Documentation of Calliope Hummingbird

Observer Information

Reporter:  Brandon Grebence   
Other Observers:  my wife, Beatrice Grebence; Yes, my wife and I.

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  Calliope Hummingbird
First Date/Time:  7/22/2010
Last Date/Time: 
Duration (total time in view):  almost 2 hours
County:  Pueblo
Specific Location:  backward feeder, 3733 Bison Lane
Number:  1
Age:  Unknown
Sex:  Male
Plumage:  Other/Unknown


short-grass prairie/suburban backyard. Our backyard has a diversity of vegetation unlike the majority of our neighbors.

Viewing Conditions

Optics:  Nikon Travelite III 8x30?
Distance:  3 meters
Light:  clear and sunny

Description of the Bird

The bird was observed on the feeder just outside our kitchen window. The binoculars were 3 meters from the bird as it perched at the feeder. The bird was observed seven times, by both my wife and myself, to make a positive identification.
The streaked rosy gorget (Sibley) was diagnostic.
Behaviors: The species most commonly frequenting the feeder are black-chinned females and an occasional rufous female. This calliope male interacted with black chinned females by flying from the feeder to perch on the adjacent clothesline in proximity to a perched black-chinned. This allowed a definitive size comparison between the two species.
Call: none
Plumage: breeding?

Similar Species Discussion

The size comparison, coupled with the green crown and the streaked rosy gorget, clearly separated it from a female black-chinned.

Resources Used

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America (pg. 261). The guide was used as we observed the bird.

Previous Experience

My wife and I have been birders since 1975, had a backyard feeder for 3 years, and have enjoyed the close viewing of the hummers each summer.


Notes made DURING observation

Additional Information

Comments: This male could not be mistaken for any other species occurring in the west.
Time: 0945-1130
Elevation: 4700
Other Dates:
Nearest Town: Pueblo
Independent Observers: Yes, my wife and I.

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Date Documentation Submitted

7/24/2010 12:58:00 AM