Documentation of Calliope Hummingbird

Observer Information

Reporter:  Marilyn Stone   
Other Observers:  n/a; yes

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  Calliope Hummingbird
First Date/Time:  7/25/2010
Last Date/Time: 
Duration (total time in view):  2 min
County:  Delta
Specific Location:  N38 50.433
W107 36.451
from Garmin etrex Summit GPS

Number:  1
Age:  Unknown
Sex:  Male
Plumage:  Other/Unknown


Few deciduous trees, sagebrush, grassy field, some blooming flowers in yard. 2 irrigation ditches nearby lined with many willows, some sumac and wild roses

Viewing Conditions

Optics:  Alpen 10x binoculars
Distance:  50 Bushnell pro sport range finder
Light:  Early morning sun unobscured by clouds and shining on bird's back and from side

Description of the Bird

Small hummingbird with green back, white belly, and bright red feathers around throat. Feathers on throat did not create a solid color but reminded me of the flames painted on some muscle cars.
Behaviors: Feeding at hummingbird feeder about 7:15 a.m. on 7/25/10. Flew to nearby deciduous tree briefly, then returned to feeder and then flew off.
Call: N/A
Plumage: green back, white belly red throat

Similar Species Discussion

Allen's hummingbird, but red on throat was brighter and not solid, but feathers appeared separately. Only hummingbird pictured that looked like that.

Resources Used

Petersen's Field Guide to Western Birds

Previous Experience

Have lived here 3 summers and have watched hummingbird feeder all 3. Have participated in Feeder Watch


Notes made AFTER observation

Additional Information

Time: 7:15 a.m.
Elevation: 5,700
Other Dates:
Nearest Town: Paonia
Independent Observers: yes

Materials Available

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Date Documentation Submitted

7/25/2010 5:40:00 PM