Documentation of Magnolia Warbler

Observer Information

Reporter:  Nicholas Komar  1507 Wildwood Court,   FORT COLLINS, CO  80521-4028
Other Observers:  Kimball Garrett, Mike San Miguel, several others from WFO field trip; Yes

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  Magnolia Warbler
First Date/Time:  9/22/2006
Last Date/Time: 
Duration (total time in view):  20 minutes
County:  Adams
Specific Location:  Barr Lake, along boardwalk of Niedrach Nature Trail.
Number:  1
Age:  Unknown
Sex:  Male
Plumage:  Other/Unknown


Riparian edge of dry reservoir shore, on plains of Eastern Colorado

Viewing Conditions

Optics:  Nikon Action 7x35
Distance:  10-30 feet, estimated
Light:  Excellent

Description of the Bird

Small passerine sized and shaped as a "Dendroica" warbler, with relatively short tail, and short, slender bill, usually perching horizontal to the ground. The upperparts were olive-green on the rump and back with several diffuse blackish vertical streaks; wings were dark gray with two white wingbars; tail was the same dark gray; head was light gray on nape, crown and auriculars with a white eyering around a black eye. Underparts were bright yellow on throat, diffusing to paler yellow on lower breast and lower flanks; belly and vent were white; a couple of pale gray streaks were evident on the side of the breast, with a couple of darker gray streaks on the flanks. Undertail was black on the basal half and white on the apical half. Legs were black.
Behaviors: Flitted actively in the canopy of a small deciduous tree.
Call: none
Plumage: First basic

Similar Species Discussion

No other North American bird has the combination of features of this bird. In particulaar, the tail pattern is unique. Nashville Warbler has a gray head with white eye ring and bright yellow throat but lacks wingbars. Northern Parula has wingbars and yellow breast but lack streaks on back and sides and complete eyering. Many other warblers share one or two field marks.

Resources Used

Sibley Guide

Previous Experience

I have banded basic plumage Magnolia Warblers in Guatemala, and observed many.



Additional Information

Comments: The darker gray streaks on lower flanks and dull gray streaks on sides of upper breast suggest male sex to this observer.
Time: 10:10 am
Elevation: 5200
Other Dates:
Nearest Town: Brighton
Independent Observers: Yes

Materials Available

Photographer: Nick Komar

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Date Documentation Submitted

10/6/2006 10:41:00 AM
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