Documentation of Vermilion Flycatcher

Observer Information

Reporter:  Coen Dexter  1959 Golf Course Lane,   Cortez, CO  81321
Other Observers:  Brenda Wright & George Steele

Species, Date, Time and Location Information

Species:  Vermilion Flycatcher
First Date/Time:  10/7/2017 10:28:00 AM
Last Date/Time:  10/7/2017 10:38:00 AM
Duration (total time in view):  10 minutes
County:  San Miguel
Specific Location:  Near Snyder's Pond
Number:  1
Age:  Immature
Sex:  Male
Plumage:  Transitional


County farm yard

Viewing Conditions

Optics:  binocs, Swarovski 8 by 32 and 10 by 42
Distance:  50 to 100 feet
Light:  clear

Description of the Bird

Flying about catching insects. We heard no calls. The bird had a flycatcher bill, medium in length and dark in color. The chest was streaked and pink but the belly was bright red. The throat was white. The back was dark gray, tail long and also dark. Overall the bird was medium size for a flycatcher, smaller than a kingbird but larger than an Empid.

Similar Species Discussion

No flycatcher is red expect Vermilion in our area. Cardinals, Summer Tanager, Hepatic Tanager, House and Cassin's Finches and Pine Grosbeaks are red but their bills eliminate all of them. House Finches are about the right size but all the other redbirds are too large for our flycatcher.

Resources Used

We know this bird very well and did check out a little info from our library of most current field guides.

Previous Experience

We know all the North American red birds. We lived in Mexico for four winters and have visited nearly every county in Central and South American birding.


Review of photos

Date Documentation Submitted

10/18/2017 2:53:00 PM
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