Pacific Wren - Troglodytes pacificus

18 Records

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 Acc. No.YearLocationCountyObservers
2010-882005 below Two Buttes Res. BacaTony Leukering
2009-922009 Boulder BoulderWalter Szeliga, Nathan Pieplow
2010-1792010 Greenhorn Meadows Park, Colorado City PuebloDavid Silverman
2012-1942010 A few hundred yards downstream of the foot bridge across the Arkansas River below Pueblo City Park, along the north side of the river. Upstream 100-200 yards from where the small creek drains out of "the olive marsh". PuebloPaul Hurtado
2012-772011 Environmental Learning Center (ELC) off of the east end of Drake Road. The bird would frequent the area along the river just behind the sign for the ELC at the parking lot. LarimerJoe Mammoser
2012-1402012 Pueblo PuebloBrandon K Percival
2012-1682012 Greenhorn Creek 1/4 mile upstream from Rye Trout Farm PuebloDavid Silverman
2013-112012 west end of Greenhorn Meadows Park along Greenhorn Creek PuebloDavid Silverman
2014-0262013 Thompson Ranch (private) LincolnGlenn Walbek
2014-0832014 Telluride San MiguelDerek and Jeannette Lovitch, Coen Dexter
2015-0822015 Wild Basin BoulderMichael Britten, Andrew Bankert, Peter R. Gent, William Rowe, Kathy Mihm Dunning, Alec Hopping
2016-0502016 Wild Basin BoulderKathy Mihm Dunning
2017-0062017 Durango La PlataJason St Pierre
2017-0462017 Wild Basin BoulderKathy Mihm Dunning
2017-0592017 Chico Basin Ranch El PasoNancy Gobris, Bill Maynard
2017-0602017 Northwest Corner LincolnSteven Mlodinow
2018-0302018 Animas River Trail--Huck Finn Pond & Hatchery area La PlataRyan Votta
2018-0572018 Rocky Mountain National Park (Larimer section) LarimerWilliam Rowe, Arthur Bezuidenhout