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Records Not Accepted By Committee

"Not Accepted" often brings a strong reaction from observers when they view the role of the CBRC as determining the validity of a sighting.  There are many reasons for not accepting a record, not the least of which is not meeting a standard of proof of "beyond reasonable doubt" when adding a record to our knowledge of Colorado birds.  Other records may have plenty of evidence to establish the correct species, but to date there is no evidence of natural occurrence or established populations.  Although the following records have not been accepted, the information has been archived and any of them may be re-opened for review in the future if so warranted.

Acc. No.
CBRC Comments
Species: Alder Flycatcher
Species: Anhinga
Species: Anna's Hummingbird
Species: Arctic Loon
Species: Arctic Tern
Species: Arizona Woodpecker
Species: Baird's Sparrow
Species: Baltimore Oriole
Species: Bay-breasted Warbler
Species: Bendire's Thrasher
Species: Black Swift
Species: Black-backed Woodpecker
Species: Black-billed Cuckoo
Species: Blackburnian Warbler
Species: Black-headed Gull
Species: Blue Jay
Species: Blue-headed Vireo
Species: Blue-throated Mountain-gem
Species: Bohemian Waxwing
Species: Brant
Species: Bronzed Cowbird
Species: Brown Pelican
Species: Brown-crested Flycatcher
Species: Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Species: Cackling x Ross' Goose
Species: Cerulean Warbler
Species: Chihuahuan Raven
Species: Common Redpoll
Species: Costa's Hummingbird
Species: Eastern Meadowlark
Species: Eastern Towhee
Species: Eastern Whip-poor-will
Species: Eastern Wood-Pewee
Species: Emperor Goose
Species: Eurasian Wigeon
Species: European Goldfinch
Species: Fulvous Whistling-Duck
Species: Gilded Flicker
Species: Glaucous-winged Gull
Species: Glossy Ibis
Species: Gray Hawk
Species: Gray-cheeked Thrush
Species: Great Black-backed Gull
Species: Green-winged Teal
Species: Gyrfalcon
Species: Harris's Hawk
Species: Henslow's Sparrow
Species: Hepatic Tanager
Species: Herring Gull
Species: Hoary Redpoll
Species: Iceland Gull
Species: Inca Dove
Species: Indigo Bunting
Species: King Rail
Species: Laughing Gull
Species: LeConte's Sparrow
Species: Lesser Nighthawk
Species: Little Blue Heron
Species: Little Gull
Species: Loggerhead Shrike
Species: Long-billed Thrasher
Species: Long-tailed Jaeger
Species: Louisiana Waterthrush
Species: Mallard
Species: Marsh Wren
Species: Mew Gull
Species: Mexican Duck
Species: Mexican Jay
Species: Mississippi Kite
Species: Monk Parakeet
Species: Mourning Warbler
Species: Mute Swan
Species: Nelson's Sparrow
Species: Neotropic Cormorant
Species: Northern Cardinal
Species: Osprey
Species: Pacific Downy Woodpecker
Species: Pacific Wren
Species: Pacific-slope Flycatcher
Species: Painted Bunting
Species: Phainopepla
Species: Philadelphia Vireo
Species: Pine Warbler
Species: Pomarine Jaeger
Species: Prairie Warbler
Species: Psittacidae sp.
Species: Purple Finch
Species: Purple Martin
Species: Pyrrhuloxia
Species: Red Phalarope
Species: Red-faced Warbler
Species: Red-shouldered Hawk
Species: Red-tailed Hawk
Species: Red-throated Loon
Species: Rivoli’s Hummingbird
Species: Rose-throated Becard
Species: Ross's Gull
Species: Rosy-faced Lovebird
Species: Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Species: Rufous-collared Sparrow
Species: Scarlet Tanager
Species: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Species: Scott's Oriole
Species: Sedge Wren
Species: Short-billed Dowitcher
Species: Short-eared Owl
Species: Short-tailed Albatross
Species: Slaty-backed Gull
Species: Smew
Species: Smith's Longspur
Species: Snow Bunting
Species: Snowy Owl
Species: Sprague's Pipit
Species: Swainson's Thrush
Species: Swainson's Thrush (Russet-backed)
Species: Swainson's Warbler
Species: Swallow-tailed Kite
Species: Thick-billed Kingbird
Species: Trumpeter Swan
Species: Tundra Swan
Species: Varied Bunting
Species: Varied Thrush
Species: Vaux's Swift
Species: Veery
Species: Vega Gull
Species: Western Gull
Species: Western Screech-Owl
Species: White Ibis
Species: White-tailed Kite
Species: Whooping Crane
Species: Winter Wren
Species: Wood Stork
Species: Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Species: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Species: Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
Species: Zebra Finch
Species: Zone-tailed Hawk
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