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Documentations Not Reviewed By Committee

Occasionally a documentation is received for a non-review list species.  The CBRC Chair accepts these and processes the records for archiving.  The following list shows these reports.

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Species: Alder Flycatcher
Species: American White Pelican
Species: appeared to be a shoveler / pin tail cross
Species: Bank Swallow
Species: Black Phoebe
Species: Black Scoter
Species: Black-bellied Plover
Species: Black-legged Kittiwake
Species: Black-throated Blue Warbler
Species: Black-throated Green Warbler
Species: Blue Grosbeak
Species: Blue Jay
Species: Blue-winged Warbler
Species: Bobolink
Species: Bonaparte's Gull
Species: Boreal Owl
Species: Broad-tailed Hummingbird
Species: Brown Thrasher
Species: Bushtit
Species: Calliope Hummingbird
Species: Carolina Wren
Species: Cattle Egret
Species: Cedar Waxwing
Species: Clay-colored Sparrow
Species: Common Grackle
Species: Common Nighthawk
Species: Common Poorwill
Species: Common Redpoll
Species: Cooper's Hawk
Species: Dark-eyed Junco (White-winged)
Species: Eastern Bluebird
Species: Fox Sparrow (Red)
Species: Glossy Ibis
Species: Golden-winged Warbler
Species: Gray-cheeked Thrush
Species: Great Egret
Species: Green Heron
Species: Green-tailed Towhee
Species: Gunnison Sage-Grouse
Species: Harris's Sparrow
Species: Hepatic Tanager
Species: Hooded Warbler
Species: I can not identify
Species: Iceland Gull
Species: Indigo Bunting
Species: Kentucky Warbler
Species: Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Species: Lazuli Bunting
Species: Lesser Black-backed Gull
Species: Lesser Goldfinch
Species: Lesser Yellowlegs
Species: Little Blue Heron
Species: Long-tailed Duck
Species: Lucy's Warbler
Species: Magnolia Warbler
Species: Marbled Godwit
Species: Mew Gull
Species: Northern Flicker
Species: Northern Mockingbird
Species: Northern Pygmy-Owl
Species: Northern Waterthrush
Species: Orange-crowned Warbler
Species: Orchard Oriole
Species: Osprey
Species: Ovenbird
Species: Palm Warbler
Species: Prothonotary Warbler
Species: Pygmy Nuthatch
Species: Red-necked Grebe
Species: Red-tailed Hawk
Species: Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Species: Sandhill Crane
Species: Say's Phoebe
Species: Scaled Quail
Species: Scarlet Tanager
Species: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Species: Short-billed Dowitcher
Species: Summer Tanager
Species: Surf Scoter
Species: Trumpeter Swan
Species: Tundra Swan
Species: Varied Thrush
Species: Vermilion Flycatcher
Species: Western Sandpiper
Species: White-eyed Vireo
Species: White-throated Sparrow
Species: White-winged Dove
Species: Worm-eating Warbler
Species: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Species: Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Species: Yellow-headed Blackbird
Species: Yellowlegs sp?
Species: Yellow-throated Vireo
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